Riway International

RIWAY International

Since its inauguration in Singapore, RIWAY has successfully expanded to Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines and other Southeast Asian markets. RIWAY has always stayed true to its mission of following company core values, the direction of its product, PURTIER Placenta, as well as the appeal of direct selling industry to help more people realize their dreams and lead fulfilling lives.

RIWAY has come a long way since its establishment, moving from the first 3 years of hard work, to its strong growth in the 6th year and now have arrived at its 8th year. In this turbulent journey for the past 8 years started off with nothing, and then achieved immense success in the aspects of social, health, finance, family, right thinking and spiritual growth through their own efforts.


A Dream Team in Singapore

Behind the scene

Dr Lim Boon Hong (Riway President & Founder)


Claudia Ong (Riway Vice President & Co-Founder)


Dato Kenny Wong (Riway Vice President Business Development)



Ivy See (Riway Vice President Operations)

Congratulations to Riway International Vice President (Operation) Ivy See

Winning the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Award – Outstanding Entrepreneur Award!

Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards (APEA) is organised by Asia Business Association, a non-governmental organization. APEA’s key objectives is to highlight and promote that entrepreneurship comes hand in hand with responsible ethics, regardless of the different industries and environment that they operate in.

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Riway has reached its 8th year