Discover our unbelievable purtier testimonials which may change your whole life

Some of our customers who are shy to show their face yet they are still willing to share the goodness of Purtier, so we have interviewed them and wrote down base on what they have said.

Here’s their interview with us ;

1st Purtier Testimonial from our customer : The Value of Life Lies in Whether You are Willing To Give A Second Chance in Life.

Life is precious to most people. However, those with sickness, who have been wandering at the edge of death, may just choose to end it all so as to end all the agony of struggling for life. If not for Purtier Placenta, she might not have the courage to carry on living. She would also not have another chance to regain her life again.

Madam Yong Hoi Yen, who came from Ipoh, was a diabetic patient. A year ago, due to deteriorating condition, the doctor told her that she had to either go for amputation or become a person in a vegetable state. She had no choice but to choose to have one of her legs amputated. However, that amputation had also stripped off her dreams for life and for the future.

After the amputation, even basic living became extraordinarily difficult. Every week, she had to receive wound cleaning treatment under intolerable pain. Whether it was standing, sitting or sleeping, it was very uncomfortable. At that time, what often came out of her mouth was “I want to die”. She cried the whole day and completely lost hope for life.

She came across 3 opportunities to try Purtier Placenta. Unfortunately, she missed them all. She had consumed too many products and did not see any significant results. As a result, she no longer trusted health supplements. Therefore, when someone introduced Purtier Placenta, she rejected it flatly.

So what was the reason for her to accept Purtier Placenta ultimately? She said that her friend kept repeating this statement, “Give yourself a chance!” It was this statement that moved her.

When she first consumed Purtier Placenta, it was not as smooth as expected. Madam Yong felt that her arms and legs began to ache. In particular, the part that was amputated was extremely itchy and painful. To her surprise, it was a case of without sweat there is no sweetness. Her wound healed extremely well. The original large sunken scar had also turned flat and smooth. And she had such results after taking Purtier Placenta for only a short 3 weeks. Even Madam Yong Hoi Yen doctor-in-charge was very shocked to see such speedy recovery.

Madam Yong regretted not giving herself a chance to try Purtier Placenta a year ago, otherwise her life would have been different. She is still taking this product now. Even her other inflamed wounds have also healed gradually. All pains have gone completely. She is now able to enjoy an energetic and happier life, and she is telling the world loudly that she “does not want to die anymore.”

The recovery in Madam Yong is a very good lesson for others. As long as we are willing to give ourselves a chance to try, that might well be the life-extending miracle. Life would then become more precious.

2nd Purtier Testimonial from our customer : Family’s Love Is the Only Reason To Carry On Living

The pain from the erosion of cancerous cells is something that he still remembers deeply up to now. That excruciating pain, which was likened to a hit by a rod as well as the erosion by termites, was overwhelmingly tormenting. It was the unfailing care and love from the family that has led him to stay strong once again. The family’s love has become the only reason for him to continue living.

Mr Teh Thian Hin, who was originally from Malacca, used to be an ordinary person who was healthy, lively and cheerful. It was unfortunate that luck was not on his side. Cancer came knocking at his door and quietly changed his life. That year, his spine was injured due to a traffic accident. He had to tolerate the non-describable piercing pain everyday. Until one day, he fainted unexpectedly at home. After a series of emergency treatment, scanning as well as diagnosis carried out back and forth at different hospitals, it was finally confirmed that he suffered from multiple myeloma, which was similar to leukemia, he had to start enduring a series of electrotherapy and chemotherapy.

The fist course of electrotherapy had caused his weight to plunge substantially from 68kg at the beginning to a staggering drop to 36kg. His family members were all stunned. The side effects of electrotherapy also included non-stopped vomitting and diarrhoea. That pain, which kept coming in full cycle, had caused him to start hallucinating. Unable to withstand the misery, he gradually lost hope and started to harbour suicidal thought. He ripped out the oxygen mask without hesitation and vigorously unplugged all the life-sustaining devices with both hands. He had only one though in his heart : Let me end my life now !

The family members who were by his side all panicked and they immediately stopped all these. His children brought the family portrait to him and begged him not to give up. While the hospital was at a loss of what to do, Mr. Teh decided to return to his home and get ready to accept his fate. He wanted to spend his last moments at home with his own family. During this period, it was fortunate that his wife and his children kept him company all the time and encouraged him. This was very comforting to him.

When everyone almost gave up hope, Mr. Teh encountered Purtier Placenta, and a miracle took place in his life ! It was with the encouragement from his friends that he tried taking Purtier Placenta. When he stood up from the wheelchair and took his stride one step at a time, he realised then that his life has not come to an end yet. He could even continue to take good care of his family.

It was the grace of a new life endowed to him by Purtier Placenta as well as his family that gave him that strength to pick himself up all over again.

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