Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Purtier

What is Purtier Placenta?

Purtier Placenta is an encapsulated product that uses deer placenta’s live stem cells to provide live stem-cell therapy with other ingredients to protect, repair and rejuvenate the body’s cells, tissues and organs to maintain vitality and keep a person ‘young’.

How does Purtier Placenta work?

Purtier Placenta contains live cells that aimed at stimulating the growth and function of existing tissue, using the theory that live cells are instrumental in “waking up” dormant cells within human body and creating new synapses and connective tissue. It is a form of non-toxic, health supplement, which the entire organism is being treated.

Where can I purchase Purtier Placenta?

Kindly leave your details or additional question at “Your Message”, we will try to get back as soon as possible and direct you to where you can buy your authentic Purtier.

Should I buy Purtier online without meeting with any distributors?

We would say no, as these online sites may be selling unauthentic products. To be safe, kindly send us a message to purtierway and we will get our staff from the headquarter to attend to you as soon as possible.

Why don’t we sell online?

We truly treat every consumer our friend. By meeting up with your authentic distributor, we ensure that you get to receive original proof of purchase, with authentic Purtier Placenta retrieved directly from the RIWAY headquarter.

What is Live Cell Therapy?

It is live-cells being injected or consumed to bring these cellular materials into the body.

In the past, rich and famous personalities opt for such injections (mostly sheep placentas) to maintain vitality, youth and reverse aging which starts easily from US$30,000. These placentas used are usually fresh and frozen to preserve the cells ready to be injected into the body within a short amount of time.

Purtier Placenta uses the current freeze-drying technology to preserve the live-cells with highest bioactive benefits so that the cells remain alive up to 3 to 4, stored correctly in suitable conditions. It is important that these retrieved cells remain alive as it helps to stimulate cell-renewal in the body, boosts metabolism as well as strengthens the body.

I have fever from Purtier Placenta, why? Should I stop now?

In the initial stage, you may have fever, sore throat or other similar conditions. However, these are signs that your body is flushing out any toxins. Continue consumption and you will find your health and immune system getting stronger than ever!

How are the macronutrients in Purtier Placenta absorbed?

With the Emulsification Technology used in Purtier Placenta, larger molecules of macronutrients can be fully and easily absorbed into the blood stream via a process called chylomicron or bile pathway.

How long should I take it?

The recommended timeframe is for at least 6 months.

Body cells deteriorate over the years, time is needed for the cells to grow back. As individual body condition differs, cell renewal is only possible with continual consumption. 6 months is a good period to rejuvenate and renew the body but results may differ for every individual.

Do I have to continue taking Purtier Placenta after completing the 6 months programme?

Within 6 months of one therapy-cycle, it is sufficient to see the results Purtier Placenta can make. However, it is encouraged to continue consuming as to help the body’s constant regeneration of cells. Moreover, there no known negative side-effects as to long-term consumption of this live-cell therapy. Neither any harm or over-reliant even if you stop.

Continuous intake of Purtier Placenta will only continue to rejuvenate your body through protecting, repair and renewal of cells.

How does Purtier Placenta compare to placenta injections?

Purtier Placenta is a capsulized form of live-cell therapy which does not require any medical supervision to consume it. Its effectiveness is the same as placenta injections, it is suitable for anyone to consume, easily accessible, no risk and it costs much lesser as compared to the placenta injections.

On the other hand, placenta injections can only be performed under medical supervision and despite being tailored to different individuals, medical complication may occur such as allergies or bacteria infections. It is also highly priced, such that only the wealthy can afford such treatment.

Do I need to continue my other supplements?

You can choose to take any other supplements. However, Purtier Placenta is a comprehensive supplement that is sufficient without the help of other health supplements as it speeds up the body’s rejuvenation and reverse the aging process.

What is the difference between Purtier and normal health supplements?

Purtier Placenta stimulates cell renewal; repairs damaged cells and replace them with new ones to maintain a body’s youth and vitality. Regular health supplements only support or maintain the body.

I am already taking so many supplements, so how does Purtier Placenta help?

Purtier Placenta offers a benefit that normal supplements do not have because it allows new cells to grow and replace old cells, in order to rejuvenate and renew the body systems.

It also will not take away the benefit of other supplements, instead it will further enhance the benefits of other supplements.

Why do we need Purtier Placenta?

It contains antioxidant to prevent free-radicals from damaging our cells and body tissues that causes aging due to modern living habits, pollution etc.

How is the live-cells in deer placenta obtained?

The live-cells are extracted right from the placenta after a doe has delivered and freeze-dried to preserve. No deer were killed in the obtaining process.

How is normal placenta different from Purtier Placenta?

Purtier Placenta contains the most active and energetic live cells that rejuvenate the damaged and worn-out cells and tissues in our body.

Normal placentas are normally in powdered form, cooked or processed and do not contain any more live cells. Thus they do not have the same effect as compared to Purtier Placenta.

 When should I start taking it?

Recommended for aged 25 and above as human body starts aging at the age of 25 because the cells in the body can no longer repair themselves.

Who needs it?

Anyone who wants reverses the aging process and who had experienced deteriorating process. Also, those who want to rejuvenate their bodies and replace old cells with young cells can also take it.

How do I eat it?

It is recommended by doctors to take 4 capsules daily for the first month, preferably 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening. Followed by 2 capsules daily in the morning for subsequent months. However, it differs according to each individual body’s needs. One may increase or decrease dosage as desired.

Can it be taken with Chinese and Western medicine?

Purtier Placenta is not a drug, as it does not contain any chemicals. Just like any nutritional supplement, it will not clash with Chinese or Western medicine and is safe to consume even if consuming medicine. However, it is recommended to eat at a considerable time interval, to ensure the effectiveness.

Will it make my body heaty?

It will not cause heatiness but it is advised to drink more water than usual.

What are enteric-coated capsules?

Enteric Coating technology uniquely coats each capsule to withstand stomach acid. The capsule is designed to dissolve in the small intestine to maximize the body’s absorption of placenta ingredients.

Can I eat for 2 months and stop eating it?

It is optional but the recommended time frame is 6 months to have more desirable results.