You Are What You Eat


This holds more truth as you grow older..

Under-nutrition is a common problem among the elderly and this is due to various reasons, such as poor appetite, social factors or medical issues. If it persists over a long period of time, under-nutrition may cause anemia, weight loss, muscle wasting, osteoporosis, vitamin deficiencies, wounds that heal poorly, and skin tears and breaks that will lead to pressure sores.

Unlike younger people, the elderly have very low reserves. Once they lose weight during illness, they lose their muscle mass and strength. Some may never regain their muscle strength, causing them to be permanently disabled. If they have any wounds, these may get infected because healing becomes slow.

Here are some tips to improve nutritional intake for the elderly who eat poorly:

  • Let them have a full meal, with enough salt, sugar and fat content to make their food palatable.
  • Ensure their oral hygiene is good and their dentures fit well.
  • Be patient during mealtimes, particularly when dealing with dementia patients.
  • Ensure their food and drink are of the correct consistencies, especially for the elderly with swallowing difficulties, so they don’t choke during meals.

PURTIER Placenta stem cell therapy ensures you with all the nutrients you need and many studies have recommended oral nutritional supplements to meet our daily requirements especially for the elderly.