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Everyone are united together because of one belief

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Riway purtier

With only 1 Product

Purtier Placenta

7 years in the market

received good compliment from more than 500,000 people.

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Purtier Placenta 5th Edition boxes

Purtier Trip to New Zealand

Purtier is manufactured in New Zealand

Why New Zealand?

Why Riway choose New Zealand?

Purtier is manufactured by Alpha Lab in New Zealand (Largest manufacturing company in New Zealand)

Purtier is from ZERO Pollution country.

Anything made in New Zealand is safe.

New Zealand certificates are proven that Purtier Placenta is just a food supplement.

Purtier New Zealand

Riway Leadership Training Seminar 15 August 2015

Riway Rolls Royce

Riway Leadership Training at MINES International Exhibition & Convention Centre (MIECC)

Date : 15 August 2015

Time : 9am – 6pm

Riway Car Plates Riway Car Plates 2

Riway carplates Number 30 – 39.

From Audi R8 – Bentley – Rolls Royce

Riway Rolls Royce 30

Rolls Royce by Team 30 lead by Simon Wong (Malaysia 001)

Riway Leadership Seminar at KL

Our leadership Seminar Full house

Riway Leadership Seminar at MICC

More than 5000 leaders present at our event

Riway Training Seminar Central Asia

Lunch Time organised by our Riway Management

Riway KL Training Seminar Aug 2015

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Purtier 5 Launching Soon

Purtier 5 is launching soon

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Purtier Placenta Singapore

PURTIER 鹿胎盤膠囊是一種萃取自新鮮鹿胎盤的營養食品。它被譽為是能保護,修護和延緩歲月痕跡的珍貴成份。

PURTIER 鹿胎盤膠囊含特選的鹿蛋白質與胎盤素,與人體具有良好的生物相容性,而且不會引起過敏反應。歐洲爆發的瘋牛症與口蹄疫令人憂心,促使我們到紐西蘭尋找這珍貴的保健品。

PURTIER 鹿胎盤膠囊的製造過程採用各項先進技術,包括凍乾保存技術、氮氣活膠囊技術、腸溶包衣技術和乳化分解技術,以確保其活性因子能被人體充份吸收,發揮最佳效用;PURTIER第五代先進技術將每顆鹿胎盤膠囊內的10,000毫克鹿胎盤成分以50:1的黃金比例濃縮而成,確保人體可以最有效的吸收所有養分。

PURTIER 鹿胎盤膠囊由10種珍貴的天然成分,其中包括鹿胎盤、鐵皮石斛、蕃茄紅素、蘆薈、氧雜蔥酮、深海鮫魚肝油、琉璃苣油、海洋膠原蛋白、月見草油和酪梨油。完美配方,效果加乘。

PURTIER 鹿胎盤膠囊是由紐西蘭頂尖的臨床及實驗室經過15年持續不懈的科學研究與開發的心血結晶。