You Are What You Eat



This holds more truth as you grow older..

Under-nutrition is a common problem among the elderly and this is due to various reasons, such as poor appetite, social factors or medical issues. If it persists over a long period of time, under-nutrition may cause anemia, weight loss, muscle wasting, osteoporosis, vitamin deficiencies, wounds that heal poorly, and skin tears and breaks that will lead to pressure sores.

Unlike younger people, the elderly have very low reserves. Once they lose weight during illness, they lose their muscle mass and strength. Some may never regain their muscle strength, causing them to be permanently disabled. If they have any wounds, these may get infected because healing becomes slow.

Here are some tips to improve nutritional intake for the elderly who eat poorly:

  • Let them have a full meal, with enough salt, sugar and fat content to make their food palatable.
  • Ensure their oral hygiene is good and their dentures fit well.
  • Be patient during mealtimes, particularly when dealing with dementia patients.
  • Ensure their food and drink are of the correct consistencies, especially for the elderly with swallowing difficulties, so they don’t choke during meals.

PURTIER Placenta stem cell therapy ensures you with all the nutrients you need and many studies have recommended oral nutritional supplements to meet our daily requirements especially for the elderly.


Is plastic surgery a good idea for sagging or damaged skin? Does it really work and does it last?



People have always sought the secret of perpetual youth and smooth unblemished skin forever, and when cosmetic surgery developed, many believed they have found the secret. But it can only offer a certain amount of success and this, in the patient’s eyes, depends entirely on his or her ability to recognize the limitations of the technique.

People who have developed very wrinkled skin early in life may benefit from an operation which consists of an incision round the hair line on each side, and a pulling back of the stretched skin to give it greater tautness. This is called a face-lift. Eyelids can have ‘tucks’ taken in them, and frown lines can be removed. But the face cannot ever be made to look at though it has never been stretched. Even the best of results on a 50-year-old cannot mimic the youthful skin of 17.

People who expect such a degree of success are doomed to disappointment. But cheerful sensible people who have developed ugly lines may well be satisfied with an operation that in part removes them or with the application of modern Oral Stem Cell Therapy. The effect usually lasts up to 10 years, so the younger the patient when the first operation is done, the more likely is the need for a repeat. The limit for face-lifts is usually three.

Cosmetic surgery to the skin is like cosmetic surgery anywhere. A skin job, a nose job, and an ear job change only your skin, your nose and your ears. They cannot change you, nor can they change your life because only you do it yourself with proper diet, nutrition, exercise and lifestyle habits.

Why do the smells of wind and stools vary so much?




Diet is all important. Stools and gases smell most pungent with a high meat and fat diet, because excess hydrogen sulfide seems to be made (this is the class ‘rotten eggs’ smell). A vegetable diet is less odorous, unless it contains a great deal of vegetable protein, and a milk diet, despite its comparatively high fat content, smells least of all.

Babies’ stools also vary in odor depending on their diet. A breast-fed baby produces small stools and they smell quite pleasant. Once babies are put on solid foods their stools smell more. Therefore, it is necessary to have a well balanced diet and nutrition to meet our daily needs.

Chinese New Year Greetings from Purtierway

Purtierway wishes you a Happy New Year, 恭喜发财,万事如意,身体健康,狗年行大运.

I hope that all of you have been enjoying this festive season so far, eating many good foods and enjoying the accompany from your family and friends. 

During your gathering, some might notice that some of your elder aunty or uncle is aging and getting older and weaker, but felt helpless because you cant do anything to help them. 

There is a product in the market currently that uses Live-Cell Therapy that helps slows down the aging process and will help you to regain your health, vitality and physical power. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce to you this product, Purtier Placenta

Riway International is a Singapore based company that provide the product, Purtier Placenta, furthermore in a short time span they have expanded their office to 8 different country including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippine, Taiwan, Myanmar, Thailand and Japan. However this is only the beginning as Riway International is just in their 10th Anniversary. 

All the information you need with regards to Purtier Placenta can be found in this website, do take your time to browse around. However if you need to contact someone to get some immediate response, do contact us by writing in. We will also keep you posted on any new updates regarding the company events, promotions etc.

Cheers and have a great year ahead!

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